How to pay a loan in Home via the Internet by credit card

2 Apr

When making a loan in a bank, one of the most important parameters for choosing a program is the terms of debt repayment. Sometimes the credit organization that issued the loan has few branches where you can pay, or ATMs in the region where the borrower lives. Therefore, each tranche in favor of the bank represents a whole problem. Fortunately, Home Bank clients do not have such problems, as this issue has been carefully thought out in the interests of borrowers. In Home Bank, you can pay a loan in many different ways, the choice of which depends only on the convenience for the client and his preferences.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

The lender proposes to choose one of the most convenient options, where you can pay the loan in a non-cash and cash way:

  1. Depositing cash through a bank terminal or one of its partners, for example, in branches or using a Sberbank card.
  2. Non-cash transfer by credit card “Visa” or “Mastercard” through various payment systems on the Internet.
  3. The use of special terminals for depositing cash such as “Eleksnet”, “Rapida”, “Kiwi”.

If you use the latter option – through payment terminals – you need to be ready to charge a fee, then when you pay with any debit card, no fee will be charged. Paying for commission is possible only in the following cases:

  1. Making the first two payments on any loan in any region of the Russian Federation.
  2. Repayment of the loan at any stage of lending through the terminals of partners Home Credit in cities and towns, where there is neither the lender’s office, nor its native terminals.

Each of the above methods has its own characteristics, which you need to know before you pay.

Use of Internet banking

Use of Internet banking


To pay using a specialized banking service Home Credit via the Internet, you will need to perform a number of preliminary steps:

  1. Dial the bank support phone number and transfer your passport information, contract number, card details. For connection use number 123-456-789.
  2. The client receives information indicating the login and password. This information will be required each time you log in to the user’s account in order to pay home credit.
  3. On the official website, the borrower enters Internet banking and selects the payment of a monthly payment.
  4. For the transfer you will need to enter data about the client, the number of his loan agreement and the details of the transfer.
  5. Payment identification and validation confirmation in 3D Secure format.
  6. The client is notified of the amount paid and payment details.

In addition to payment through a computer, for the convenience of borrowers, it is possible to pay through a mobile application. Both the entry and the payment procedure are as simple as through the lender’s website. Confirmation of payment and identification occur with a password and login, which the borrower transferred to the Internet banking.

Personal account features

Personal account features


On the bank portal, it is easy to access the monthly fee payment by entering the phone number associated with the loan agreement, date of birth and confirmation code. After the transfer of information to the specified mobile number comes a code consisting of 4 characters. After entering it, the borrower gets access to the personal information of the borrower:

  • information about the upcoming payment – its size and term of replenishment;
  • general loan payment schedule;
  • balance of debt to a credit institution;
  • current credit conditions.

The payment function is provided by the payment button. In the form of payment, the borrower enters the details of the contract, credit account, details of the debit card. By the simplest sequence described above, funds are withdrawn from the borrower’s card and transferred to the borrower’s account in Home Bank.

In order to prevent late payment, it should be borne in mind that the deposit period is one business day. Confirmation of enrollment will be a letter sent by the lender to the email address specified by the borrower.

Payment from the official site



An even simpler method of repaying a home loan is possible subject to the availability of a debit card and a sufficient amount for debiting its account. On the main page of a financial institution there is a section that allows you to pay a debt to a bank without any unnecessary manipulations with entering the account and authorizing a user.

In the transfers and payments section find the payment creation subsection. By pressing the transition button, the client goes to the payment window, where all the requested bank data is filled in:

  1. In the type of payment indicate “loan payment”.
  2. Enter information about the credit account number and contract. If the information is lost, you can restore it by logging in to your user’s credit account through authorization.

Payment details in Sberbank Online

Payment details in Sberbank Online


Paying Home Credit from the Sberbank card will not be any difficulty – you can make a payment through the terminal or organize a cashless withdrawal through the Internet program. Especially for customers who actively use Sberbank debit cards, it is possible to redeem them through the personal account of the Savings Bank payment resource.

For this, the user’s personal account is pre-verified with a one-time password sent to the number of the linked mobile.

In the payments section, the plastic holder of Sberbank finds a subsection for repaying a loan from a third-party bank. To make payment details, you will need information about the Home Bank, account number, loan agreement.

It is very convenient to use a quick search on the BIC Bank. This will allow you to do without the tedious recording of long account numbers and other details. After entering the BIC, the client will be provided with information about the payee, and all bank details will be entered automatically.

It remains only to enter the payment amount and indicate under which contract it will be paid.

It should be careful: the payment is made without commission only if the amount paid is less than 3 thousand rubles. If this limit is exceeded, the bank charges a 1 percent commission. If the borrower is the owner of the debit plastic of another bank, you can pay the loan using the corporate Internet resources of the banks that issued the card.

Making a loan in Home Bank, flexible credit conditions and depositing funds as payment for monthly payments allow you to use borrowed funds with maximum comfort for the client. To repay a loan, it is enough to deposit money in cash or have any debit card issued by a partner bank

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